Thursday, September 19, 2013


At last, I am posting about...THE AGENDA.

So basically, it was created by Gennifer Albin to go hand-in-hand with her series, The Crewel World.

Here's the recruit video:

When you sign up as a recruit, you get a welcome package with some cool exclusive swag. (I'm not sure what this means yet because I have yet to receive my package.)

And if you become an Agenda leader, you get the full package with even more cool stuff. (Again, I haven't gotten my package yet, so I don't know what this means. All it says on her site is that leaders get the full recruit package with more swag, a Crewel World t-shirt, and more.)

So if you read that correctly, I have become this week's Agenda leader! Remember that post about my favorite fierce moment in Crewel? Yeah, that post, and more importantly, the song included, was enough to get me a spot. WAHHHH!!! I am BEYOND happy, and I'm excited to learn more about The Agenda.

***And right now, Genn is hosting three scholarships to Agenda members! Only two have been unveiled. One is the Tattoo Scholarship and the other is an Art is the Truth Scholarship! (I'm going to tell you not to enter the Art is Truth one because I want to win...hehehe)***

So what are you waiting for?! #JoinTheAgenda and spread the truth!
(More info can be found here and here)

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