Monday, September 30, 2013

A Month in Review: September 2013

This month has felt like both the longest and the shortest month ever. Anywho!

4 Blog-related Things
1) I figured out how to make nicer blockquotes, which you won't see until my review of A Darkness Strange and Lovely, but!
2) 10 GFC followers! (It's not much, but it's something.)
3) Finally got around to my first set of "graphics," which is hearts for my ratings. You'll see them in my ADS+L review as well!
4) I actually reviewed something other than books.

5 Things Relating to Books
1) I went to my second book signing ever!
2) I won some awesome books, so I have a ton of books to read! (There's still more coming too!)
3) I was approved for 2 (!!!) books on Netgalley for the first time.
4) I fell into a slight reading slump and then got out of it.
5) Finished This Song Will Save Your Life in 2 days.

5 Things Relating to TV/Music:
1) I discovered Elenowen. (Thanks, Taylor!)
2) Fall shows are back! (Although I have yet to watch the new episodes.)
3) Discovered some cool indie and whatever genre music (thanks to This Song).
4) I finally got around to listening to a bit of Passion Pit (not enough to judge)
5) I continue to count down to the 50th Anniversary of DW

5 Personal Things:
1) School started. Yuck.
2) Dance also started. Cool.
3) I found out that I'm also doing jazz for dance competition. And I've never taken jazz before. What
4) I made so many awesome new blogging friends!!! (Notably: NOVA, Crystal, Meredith, Kayla, Stacie, and Momina.)
5) I got rid of my Tumblr obsession (at last!).

How was your month? What exciting things happened to you?
(Also, would you like me to include anything else in these posts?)
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