Saturday, September 28, 2013

Features Update

So I have decided to cut down very slightly on my features.

At the moment, I have decided to discontinue doing Flashback Friday. I love the idea of it, and I think that it was one of my more creative feature titles (which is not saying much). I'm not going to keep doing this anymore just because then I feel like I'm tied down to reviewing older books/movies/TV shows (or episodes I guess)/music. This doesn't mean that I won't continue to review them; it just means that it won't be a set feature. They'll just come up as they do. :)

I'm also going to make Talk About It Thursday a little more random. Sometimes, I'll get ideas for discussion topics, so I'll schedule them one right after the other (in terms of weeks). Then other times, I'll have nothing to talk about or discuss, so I just won't have them for however long that lasts.

For now, the other features will probably remain the same.

I am also thinking about adding a feature involving letters, as I've mentioned before. It'll probably be something that I would invite others to do as well. It's just for fun and much more arbitrarily posted than other features. I'm thinking that it's basically going to be me writing letters to people, whether they be authors, characters, bloggers, other friends, relatives, etc. Of course, bashing and hate will not be permitted, but I love the idea of writing letters, and I'd do it more often if I could. So that's kind of where this came about. The people they're addressed to aren't necessarily supposed to read it. Letters written to people "in real life" will be addressed as Dear Whomever It May Concern, or some version of that (just as long as it's not their name. This is my own set rule, but you're free to do otherwise. Also, if I know it's a positive message or not as personal, I may just address the person by name.)

I don't really know how I feel about the idea yet, and I'm trying to come with a name for it. The main one that's been sticking to me has been Letters To No One because they're not really meant to be written to be sent, if you know what I mean. It's not that the person isn't supposed to read it so much as that you're not actually sending it to them. Does that make sense?

What do you think of my new feature idea? Do you have a suggested name/title for it?
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