Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Month in Review: August 2013

It's September 1st! Which means that if I'd received my Hogwarts letter, I'd be at Hogwarts already. But whatever.

So let's take a look at how my August went!

First, 5 things relating to this blog!

  1. The blog really came to life.
  2. A bunch of reviews! (Covert Affairs, Graceland, Something Strange and Deadly, Out of the Easy, The Civil Wars, Sea of Monsters movie, and You Knew Me When)
  3. A bunch of features were introduced! (This is going to be a feature as well! It'll basically consist of a bunch of lists that highlight the month (the number isn't set to 5).)
  4. I participated in Susan Dennard's book club/discussion!
  5. I signed up for an audiobook tour!
Next, 5 things relating to books!

  1. I read Something Strange and Deadly
  2. I also read Out of the Easy
  3. I also read and fell in love with The Hybrid Chronicles
  4. I got back into the reading spirit
  5. I won some books/ARCs for (almost) the first time!
5 things relating to my personal life!

  1. I went to Canada
  2. I had my (first) dance audition
  3. I went to The Wanted's GMA concert!
  4. I finished my summer reading assignments
  5. My friend Haley and I decided to write something (probably a musical) together!
5 things relating to movies/music/musicals!

  1. I fell in love with Next to Normal
  2. I sorta enjoyed Sea of Monsters
  3. I continued to fall in love with Snow Patrol
  4. I also continued to fall in love with Kinky Boots
  5. I enjoyed Sara Bareilles' new album!
That's about it for this month! Again, this will likely become a monthly feature. :) Let me know your "5 things relating to..." as well (feel free to change them to suit your blog).

(Also, sorry I was too lazy to link stuff.)

Thanks for stopping by!

Jessica <3
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