~Contact Info and Review Policy~

The Basics
Name: Jessica
Age: 16
Where I Reside: NY, USA
Occupation: Student

More About Me
I am a dancer, a writer, a wannabe singer, a songwriter, a violinist, a reader, a dreamer, a procrastinator, a fangirl, a nerdfighter. I am a New Yorker, an Asian, a Brazilian, an American. I am someone that watches too many TV shows, which you will soon see. I am someone that wishes there was more time to allow her to read. I am someone that has more books on her TBR list than can be remembered or listed. I am forever and always a Potterhead. I am a fan of so much more, but I am also too lazy to type them all. I am someone that prefers books as birthday presents, though I don't mind other things. I am a fan of physical books, of the smell and the feel of them, though perhaps e-books aren't so bad. And sometimes, just sometimes, I'm someone that helps people and brings happiness and makes someone laugh. Sometimes, just sometimes, I actually feel like I love who I am. And perhaps someday, I can add that sometimes, just sometimes, I'm someone that inspires someone else.

About the Blog and Reviews
If you'd like to know anything else, please ask! And THANK YOU to anyone reading this. :)
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