Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TV Tuesday 8/27

Top Ten: Crime Shows/Procedurals
(Note: I didn't link to any of these shows because I'm busy and on vacation. :D 
Also, I thought I watched a lot more crime shows than I apparently do...these are almost all of them...(I only included ones I've watched regularly, so shows like Criminal Minds aren't on here))
  1. Psych
    Seriously, if you're not watching this show, you should be (even though their upcoming season may be the last *sobs*).

    Psych isn't like most crime shows. It's almost always hilarious, but don't think that that doesn't mean that it'll also cause ALL THE FEELS because it (most likely) will.
  2. NCIS:LA
    Sadly, I do have to say that at the present moment, NCIS:LA is better than NCIS, although I love both equally.

    The show is pretty well done, and all the characters are unique and interesting. Why do I think it's better than the original show? Because this one's still fresh and new(ish), at least compared to NCIS. The obvious future relationships aren't being dragged out forever. They're still coming up with great new storylines and plot/character arcs.
  3. Elementary
    Yes, I like Elementary. Yes, I also like Sherlock.

    What I love about Elementary is it's fresh take on Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Lucy Liu is FANTASTIC as Joan Watson, and Sherlock and Watson have so much chemistry...but not that kind of chemistry. I like how well done their (platonic) relationship is. Yes, there are some aspects that I'm not as eager on, it's just doing so many things right. There's an incredibly diverse cast (though I wouldn't complain if there were more females), and all of their casting has been perfect thus far.

    (Also, their opening title sequence is awesome, and the writers are hilarious (if you follow them on Twitter). And this almost beat out NCIS:LA to the #2 spot, but.)
  4. Fringe
    Yeah, the show's over, but it's still fantastic. Towards the end, it does become less of a crime show and more of a sci-fi (I suppose) show, but it's just so amazing. The characters and actors have so much chemistry with one another, and I just love them so much. The cast is so talented, and I think it's sad how there isn't a larger fanbase for the show. GAHH JUST GO WATCH IT.
  5. NCIS
    The show has become even more problematic lately, but when I rewatch the older seasons, I remember why I love(d) this show so much. Just like all the other shows so far, the cast and character chemistry is just so prominent on the show. Characters such as Abby, Ducky, and Palmer are especially unique, although the others are as well. They bring so much to the table, and I just wish that it could continue to do so. *sigh*

    (I'm making a post on this someday.)
  6. Graceland
    This show is like my summer obsession. So yeah, I started to really see it's flaws in the past few episodes (still haven't watched the latest episode yet), and Mike and Briggs are really annoying me, but it is otherwise a great show. The characters are really what drive this show. I love almost every one of them. I've said this so many times, but they're all just so unique. The actors do so well in their roles, even if I dislike their character (with the exception of Abby, but it's not that actress' fault; the character was just really poorly written).

    The cinematography is another thing that really sticks out and makes this show different. There's so much color and so many excellent shots of the setting.
  7. Covert Affairs
    Okay, so it was really hard to choose between this show, White Collar, and Sherlock, but I ended up going with Covert Affairs (obviously).

    So I think that it has really brought itself back up from a slump in S2 I think it was. There was some time when it just wasn't doing the best it could anymore, but this season? AWESOME. Yes, there are a few too many secrets for me, but it's really well done, and it keeps the audience engaged. Plus, Annie/Auggie are the cutest. And Joan is so badass.
  8. Sherlock
    I was going to put Sherlock higher on the list, but then I forgot about it, and now I kind of like where it sits. I fee like I start to like the show a lot more when it's actually on or for the few weeks afterward, but then that dies down a bit once there are other shows.

    See, Sherlock does well in the format that it's done in. But it's just too much waiting and too much of the Moffat shenanigans when it's not on for me to fully enjoy it when it's not on. Sure, I can watch it online, but there's not the same feeling about it. There are so many aspects of it that I find problematic, but there's also something about it that draws me in. I don't know, but it's a really well done show for the most part.
  9. White Collar
    White Collar would probably be higher on my list if it wasn't for the fact that I've neglected watching most of S3, save for the first few episodes. It's not that it's bad (because it's not), but it doesn't hold me in the same way that some other shows do. Most of the characters are great, but not as memorable as the characters on other shows.

    That being said, I still enjoy the premise of it, and Peter and Neal's relationship is interesting and fun to watch. Also, Mozzie is so quirky, and I love him.
  10. Unforgettable
    The main reason I honestly included this as #10 is because I'm pretty sure that it's the only other crime show I watch regularly. But I find it really interesting how it was cancelled and brought back. I really like the dynamic between Al and Carrie, but I'm kind of upset that they changed the more minor characters for the second season. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this new season, but yeah! It's a really interesting premise and has a lot of potential, so.
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