Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tour: Lila Shortcuts by Sarah Alderson

Lila Shortcuts by Sarah Alderson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK
Release Date: October 1st, 2013
Five compelling new short stories based in the world of HUNTING LILA. Told from the perspectives of Alex, Jack, Demos, Amber and Suki - fans of this thrilling series now have a chance to delve into the minds of other characters, and see what they really think! 

For my stop, I'll be interviewing the character, Jack, who is one of the five people featured in this book!

Me: Hi, Jack!

Jack: Hi.

Me: How are things with Amber?

Jack: I have no idea what you're suggesting... She's doing OK. And I'm just trying to be there for her. We're good friends and I think a lot of her. Whether that turns into something else, we'll see. You'd have to ask her. I know what I'd like to happen but we've both been through a lot these past months so I think taking it slow is a good idea.

Me: Have you warmed up to Lila & Alex any?

Jack: No comment.

Me: Have you kicked Alex's ass for anything to do with Lila?

Jack: Not yet. There's always time though.

Me: Now you're not part of the Unit, what are you planning on doing?

Jack: I made some money out of the Stirling shares I ditched before the explosion so I'm sitting tight at the moment. Just bought a new apartment in the bay area and renovating that. I'm looking at my options, trying to figure them out. I might even go back to school. I'm thinking maybe I'd make a good doctor.

Me: You went through quite a transformation - how was that for you?

Jack: Mind-blowing. But not as disturbing as seeing my sister dressed in nurse's uniform. That had to be the worst rescue plan in history. To be honest with you, waking up from a coma and finding out I was a psy had nothing on discovering what the unit was really about nor on discovering what my best friend had been up to with my sister.
Giveaway! You can enter to win a copy of The Sound, Hunting Lila, OR a copy of Losing Lila HERE

You can find Sarah on her official website or on Twitter.

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