Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Month in Review: October 2013

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted something of substance hasn't it? I'm super sorry, but I'm still on hiatus! Once I get back though, I plan on scheduling a bunch of stuff (I currently have 5 drafts, plus a few upcoming blog tours, and then reviews of anything I've read or watched since the beginning of the hiatus), so stick with me a bit longer! But either way, here's a look at what happened this month!

5 Blog Related Things
1) I was nominated for the Liebster Award (which I have yet to post about).
2) I hosted my first giveaway!
3) I figured out a potential new blog name.
4) 3 month blogoversary!!
5) I decided to go on hiatus.

5 Things Relating to Books
1) I've received SO many new books. I'm already running out of room (and time)!
2) I spent wayy too much money on new books.
3) My parents decided to let me go to the Fierce Reads signing in Nov.
4) I breezed through Unremembered.
5) I STILL haven't finished my tour books. O.o

5 Things Relating to TV/Music
1) I admitted to myself, once and for all, that NCIS:LA is now better than NCIS.
2) I finally watched the Rings of Akhaten. One more episode closer to being caught up!
3) I decided that I was going to start watching Breaking Bad...someday.
4) Continued to fall in love with Snow Patrol.
5) Am still eagerly awaiting The Wanted's new album!

5 Personal Things
1) Decided to attempt NaNo this year
2) Still freaking out about my MUN conference.
3) A few really cool, awesome authors started to follow me on Twitter!!!
4) Began to plan a cool blog event with Cal.

Here are some great posts you may have missed this month!
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3 Month Blogoversary!

How was your month? What would you like to see on this blog once I resume blogging again?

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