Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review: NCIS:LA Bundle

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Ascension (Aired 9/24)

This isn't related to the episode, but confession: I'm TERRIBLE at remembering TV show plots. I'll know that I've watched an episode, but I won't remember the ending (most of the time), and after a few days, I would not have a clear recollection of the episode. But anyway, I shall review it to the best of my ability.

Moving on, the episode was on the one hand predictable, but on the other hand, the execution was done so well that you're thinking about more than that. It was an extremely emotional episode, but I think the cast and writers did a great job of really portraying not only the characters and their reactions to the events but also of portraying PTSD. So many shows try to show trauma, but they don't execute it well, unlike this episode.

I'm also really glad that they got in a solid Sam and Deeks scene without making them out of character. Sam's apparent ability to bounce back fits his character, as he's an ex-Navy SEAL. And Deeks' reaction fits him and his personality as well.

And not to get to in depth with my own biases, I'm glad that they brought up, in some ways, Deeks and Kensi's current relationship. You can visibly see them treading on thin water, but you can still see the affection there. Clearly, the events have to affect Deeks and thus his relationship with Kensi. And I suppose it was their way of addressing the kiss. I'm glad the showrunners aren't rushing to get them together, but I do hope that the showrunners are smart enough to learn from NCIS and not drag it out too long. At the moment, I think they'll find that happy medium.

They really used this episode to tie up some loose ends from the last season. But the one thing that was extremely predictable and a bit frustrating was that they kept Janvier alive. It was clear that NCIS:LA wasn't going to get rid of him, but honestly, I think they need a new arc. They got away with it for so long because it made sense because of both Callen and Janvier's personalities. But it's gotten to the point where I'm just like, "Come on! I know what the finale will probably relate to..."

Impact (Aired 10/1)

This episode definitely makes the list as one of my favorites. If Ascension handled PTSD well, Impact did so with flying colors. I am so happy that they didn't dismiss the effects of torture on Sam because even the toughest of guys will break down. I loved seeing Nate back because I just love Nate, but it's clear that he still has a close relationship with the team. I'm glad that he was the one brought in to talk to Sam and Deeks, even if neither of them wanted it. Not only did Nate bring up a hidden side to Sam, but he was really able to get to the heart of Deeks' relationship with Kensi.

This episode was definitely a lot more character driven than anything, but I'm glad they're taking the time to develop and delve into the effects of the traumatic events from last season. They could have easily brushed it off, but they're using it to their advantage. And for that I am grateful.

And lastly, of course, I HAVE to bring up the Deeks/Kensi scene at the end. I liked seeing them just hanging out as friends. You can tell how much Kensi really cares about Deeks, even if she's scared to admit it. It's a sweet, touching scene. It hints at possibilities, but it leaves enough open that anything could happen. And I love that.

Omni (Aired 10/8)

I was so disappointed in this episode after the last two episodes, but maybe it was just me.

Firstly, I felt that the case was pretty easy to figure out, and I pretty much knew who had done it as soon as we first met the guy. It was probably enough to convince and trick some people, but I'm sure that for many people, it was predictable. And this episode was a lot less character-centric as the previous two.

Now, that doesn't mean there wasn't anything. There was still a lot about Deeks recovering, but it fell a bit flat in both that area, as well as others. Yes, of course the whole deal with Deeks and shooting is going to be a hot topic, but I still felt like something was missing. The way that Kensi joked about Deeks' ordeal seemed so insensitive in a time wen she should have been on high alert.

I did enjoy the Nell/Eric scenes, but even that seemed to be a filler. Sure, it was hilarious, and it was so great to see Eric stumbling over his own words, but there wasn't really any need for the whole pants and girl's night out ordeal. It seemed like the producers were trying to hard to show things building up between Eric and Nell, but it wasn't executed as well as they probably thought it was.

I'm still a bit iffy on how I feel about this episode, but for now, my rating:

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