Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tag: 50 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by the lovely Allison, whose blog is actually titled The Lovely Grace. :P
And without further ado, here we go!

1. I love dance, but particularly ballet and pointe.
2. Harry Potter is my life.
3. I watch way too much TV, but I'm now behind on at least 5 shows.
4. I am currently in 11th grade.
5. I'm actually pretty excited that I got tagged in something. 
6. My favorite subjects in school are Social Studies and English.
7. I've been neglecting my writing for NaNoWarmUp
8. I play the violin, and I'm still teaching myself guitar.
9. I wish I never quit learning piano. I'd like to learn it again.
10. I want to learn lots of different languages, but Portuguese is #1 on my list.
11. Nine is my doctor, but Ten is my favorite. Don't ask me to explain what I mean.
12. I prefer Russell T. Davies over Moffat.
13. I've never met my best friend face-to-face.
14. I have no upper body or core strength at all.
15. I LOVE tea.
16. I also like coffee.
17. My favorite color is blue, though green is a close second.
18. My favorite actress is Emma Watson.
19. My best friend, Sam, and some of my other BT friends are honestly my role models.
20. I want to work at the UN one day.
21. My favorite number is 6. Some others are 2, 4, and 13.
22. I'm a feminist and proud of it.
23. I love old, historic cities/places, which is why I want to visit or live in Europe so badly. 
24. Today (Oct 6) is my half birthday!
25. I used to hate cupcakes, now I'm indifferent.
26. I hate coconut.
27. My favorite kind of cake is ice cream cake.
28. My favorite type of food is Brazilian food.
29. I actually joined Goodreads when I was in 5th grade (I think it was 5th grade...), but I never really cared       to use it until now.
30. I kind of want to write something to submit to Swoon Reads.
31. Adding onto fact #1, I also take modern, and I'm now on a competition team, where I dance modern,           lyrical, and jazz.
32. I hate hip hop dance. Or at the very least, I hate having to dance it.
33. I also hate how only hip hop and possibly jazz is seen as "cool," and ballet/pointe is seen as stupid and           "girly."
34. I don't think ballet is "girly" at all. It's graceful and smooth, sure, but girly? Nah.
35. Also, I will argue with you to the end of time if you say that dance isn't a sport.
36. I've been on many school sports teams, but I was terrible at all of them. (Middle School: Soccer,                   Softball; High School: XC)
37. Junior year sucks.
38. I started vlogging over the summer...but I've neglected it. Whoops.
39. I prefer Episodes 1, 2, and 3 of Star Wars over the originals. (DON'T KILL ME.)
40. I will get angry if you start a Taylor Swift vs. Carrie Underwood vs. Kelly Clarkson debate.
41. I actually like country music for one.
42. I wish I was actually talented at something. (People think I'm talented at stuff, but I'm really not.)
43. I'm not smart. I do well in school, but that doesn't mean I'm smart.
44. I am the queen of procrastination.
45. I have dual citizenship, and I have two passports.
46. I kind of hate it when people think I'm really innocent, and they get all weird when they curse in front of   me. I'm a high school-er. I've heard worse things at school. Sometimes I curse too. I might be shy and quiet, but that doesn't mean you can't say things in front of me. I really couldn't care less.
47. I'm Roman Catholic but in some ways, very loosely.
48. The New York Yankees are my #1 sports team, and my favorite is Derek Jeter.
49. I'm honestly a bit ashamed to say that NCIS isn't my favorite show anymore. I hate to admit that, but it's       true.
50. This was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

And I'm going to tag:
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