Saturday, July 27, 2013

Orphan Black: Why Everyone Should Be Watching This Show

Note: This review assumes that you know the premise of it already.

Let me just start off by saying that I am obsessed with this show right now. I finished all the episodes since I get them on demand and don't have to search around on the internet, but I want to re-watch them again. This is probably one of the best shows I've ever seen.

This review will be written in sections so first, the characters:
I absolutely love how every character is so unique and how well their interactions are carried out despite, or maybe in spite of, that.
Alison: While I find Alison to (mostly) be extremely stereotypical as a stay at home mom, that's not all that she is. There are other sides of her that I think really make her shine, and even her stereotypical aspect is what makes her so fantastic. If she wasn't so well played, I might feel differently about the character.
Sarah: I love Sarah's attitude and the way she navigates a bad situation. My favorite scenes of Sarah are almost all of her scenes with Kira. You can see how genuinely she cares about her daughter. Sarah's interactions with Felix also stand out.
Cosima: And where do I even start with Cosima? I can't talk about my favorite Cosima scene because that would be spoiler-y, but ugh. I'm not a huge fan of her smoking marijuana, but what I love is that her defining characteristic isn't that she's smart or that she's queer. I think that's what's so amazing about all of the clones (and all the characters in general). They're not solely defined by one characteristic, as it is in many shows. They are all multi-faceted and can stand on their own.
Helena: I love her and hate her at the same time. I love her as a character because there are two very opposing sides to her, and that's not necessarily her fault. She's freaky but childish. I think that she just wants somebody to actually care about her and take care of her properly. But I still have to hate her because of all the horrible things she does, although again, perhaps it was more due to her upbringing than who she would be otherwise.
Felix: I love Felix so much, OMG. Like Cosima, his defining characteristic isn't that he's gay. He's supportive of Sarah, Alison, and even Cosima. He's always looking out for his family, whoever he considers that to consist of. I don't even know what else to say about him because he's just so amazing, and I really love Felix. He's funny, supportive, loyal, caring, and everything in between.
Paul: I'm going to admit that I hated him at first. I completely hated him. Now? I feel the exact opposite. I want to go into a discussion about Paul and why I love him, but that'd be spoiler-y so I'll probably write a separate post about that sometime soon. But basically, he's so bad-ass, and I love how he's almost completely different now, at least in how he interacts with Sarah.
BASICALLY, all of the characters are extremely lovable or at least understandable. The clones are all different, yet they work together fabulously. The minor characters (especially Delphine and Art) are just as thought out as the rest of the characters, which isn't always a given in a television show. I'm really excited to meet some new clones and see how each character continues to interact with others and respond to the situations they're going to face.

Actors/Actresses (I'm sticking to the main 3):
Tatiana Maslany: HOW DO I EVEN BEGIN??? She is probably one of the most talented actresses out there. You'd see what I mean right away. She puts in so much work for this show, and it really shows. She makes each clone so distinct. You can tell that she's worked really hard to develop the different accents and personalities (she has playlists for all the clones, okay?). Half the time, you'll forget that she plays half of the show's characters. Yeah, that's how amazing she is. I could go on and on, but just ugh. (Also, she can beatbox and dance and what can't she do?)
Jordan Gavaris: Another extremely talented actor! He has also clearly worked really hard at perfecting his accent. The first time you hear him speak regularly, you'll be momentarily taken aback because you'll be expecting the accent. He brings so much to Felix, and he's clearly invested in the show and the character. I love how he handles questions about Felix being part of the LGBT community. (Plus, he's great at singing T. Swift songs.)
Dylan Bruce: People have had different reactions and opinions on him, especially with regards to how he is with the rest of the cast. But I'm putting that aside and sticking with him as Paul. While not nearly as fantastic as Jordan and Tatiana, I think Dylan does a great job with Paul. You can really see the shift in the character when he starts interacting with Sarah rather than Sarah as Beth. Also, the amount of pain he's visibly in when he sees that Sarah is hurt(ing) and there's nothing he can do about it is so well executed. Again, I'd discuss my favorite Paul scene, but that'd be spoiler-y.

The plot itself and the execution of it:
I don't even know where to begin. The premise is clever and new and future-istic, I believe. The writers are great at what they do, and I love that they work with Tatiana to develop characters and the script itself because she's such a huge part of the show, and she clearly has many great ideas. Every episode is so intense, and you might not like the show if you're really not into intense stuff, but I'd really suggest giving it a shot anyway. Every episode keeps my heart pounding for the entirety of it, and the execution of the plot is extremely well done, thanks to both the writers and behind-the-scenes people, but also the extremely well cast actors and actresses. There are so many directions that this show can take, and I'm really excited for the future of this show because I know that that direction will be a great one.

If I wasn't writing a concrete review, I'd just be fangirling heavily over the show, as you can see on my Tumblr if you follow me. But really, I highly recommend this show, and I wish I had started it slightly earlier. I don't know how I'll be able to wait until April for new episodes, but I know it'll be worth it. If you do watch the show and fall in love, let me know!

Rating: 5/5, no doubt about it
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